Frequently Asked Questions of ActiveClassroom


How do I register to use ActiveClassroom?

You can register with ActiveClassroom with our Sign-up Wizard. When you complete your registration, you will have set up an ActiveClassroom account and will have a User ID and password. It is important to keep those two pieces of information in a safe place!

ActiveClassroom.will allow you a free 30-day trial use of all features. After 30 days, you will have the option of subscribing to ActiveClassroom or cancelling your account. See pricing and policies for further details.

I forgot where I go to sign on to my Teacher Control Panel.

You can log on to ActiveClassroom Here .  In the left side bar there is a form for you to enter your User ID and Password.  Once you press GO, you will automatically be directed to the Main Menu of your Teacher Control Panel.

I have forgotten my teacher ID, how can sign on to my Teacher Control Panel?

If you can no longer gain access to your Teacher Control Panel, either because you have forgotten your teacher ID or your password, write to us at  We will supply you with the information that you have requested once we verify which account belongs to you.

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How do my students find my classes on ActiveClassroom?

Students first go to ActiveClassroom . From there, they click on Classes.  Then they type in your last name.  A list of all of your classes will be displayed. From that list, they click on their class.

When a student is absent, how do they locate their old assignments?

In the left side bar of their Agenda page is a list of ActiveClassroom Components. There are three ways available to your student. (1) The calendar. If they click on calendar they will see the calendar for the current month. If there is an icon on a certain day on the calendar that means that an assignment was due that day. You can hover over the icon with your mouse and it will tell you what day the assignment was initially assigned. If you click on the icon, you will go to the Agenda page of that day. (2) The outline. If they click on outline, they will be taken to a page where they can search your assignments by type and by date range. (3) Search. clicking on search allows them to type in the title of the assignment and get a display of any assignments having that work in their title or description.

Explain how assignments are grouped on the class Agenda Page.

Assignments in the top third of the page under Daily Agenda are either due or being assigned that day. Assignments in the middle third, under Current Assignments, were assigned at an earlier date, but are not due that day. Assignments in the bottom third, under Tests and Quizzes, were specified when they were assigned as being a test or a quiz. They drop down into this third of the page when they are within 5 days of being due.

My class Agenda page says logged on as a Guest, when would a student need to log in?

If you are a student at a school participating in the Enterprise Edition you will be able to log on to ActiveClassroom and see your own, individualized student home page on which all of your homework assignments from participating ActiveClassroom teachers will be summarized. You will be able to monitor your progress through both short term and long term assignments. Class Agenda pages can also be viewed publically without signing onto your Student Control Panel - hence, the guest account.

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How do I decide what to call my courses and classes so that they are best displayed?

If you are an elementary teacher who teaches multiple subjects to the same group of students in a self-contained classroom, we suggest that you use the following protocol:

  name your course your grade level (e.g., Fourth Grade)
  your class your name (e.g., Mr. Jackson's class)
  use assignment types to represent your subjects (e.g., Spelling, Reading, Science)

  your assignment titles to specify the type of activity (deskwork, homework, project, test)

This will allow you to have a single Agenda page where your students and their parents can see all of the assignments for any subject area in your class.

If you are a middle school or high school teacher who teaches different students in different periods, then we suggest that you use this protocol:

  name your courses your subject areas (e.g., English 10, Spanish I, Algebra II Honors)
  your classes can be called by their period or section number (e.g., 3rd period, 2nd block)
  your assignment types represent your types of activities (e.g., labs, homework, presentations, tests)
  your titles will specify the exact topic (factoring, speech on hiring practices, vocabulary on Hamlet)

I registered last year but my classes are no longer being displayed on the class list, does that mean that I have to re-register?

Classes of teachers whose accounts have been inactive for 45 days are no longer displayed on the class list. Your original User ID and password will still allow you to access your Teacher Control Panel.  Now that you are once again active, your classes will appear on the class list. Feel free to archive or delete old classes, and create new courses and classes for this school term.  If you can no longer access your Teacher Control Panel, write to us at  In those cases, you will most likely be asked to re-register for a 60-day trial account.

My courses this year are not the same as they were last year. How do I remove my old ones from my course list?

By clicking on courses on the Main Menu of your Teacher Control Panel, you can add another course, edit any course that you have previously registered, or delete an existing course. If you decide to delete a course, all its classes and all of their assignments will automatically be deleted with it. This would be a viable solution if you have no need to reference any past assignments that were made to any classes in that course. A third option is to print out any lesson plans that you would like to use as a permanent resource.

Instead, if you would like to keep one class in the course with its assignments as a reference for future use, you could delete the other classes from the course and keep just one class. Then instead of deleting the course, rename it so that you know it is from a previous year.

My courses are the same as last year, but my classes have changed. How do I setup my new classes?

One method would be to delete all of your existing classes and just start over by adding new ones and affiliating them to your existing courses. However, if the assignments in some of the existing classes would be a helpful reference, you might prefer to rename at least one from each course and keep it as a resource. Any of these former classes that remain associated with current courses for the new school year will continue to receive assignments when you add assignments by course. They will also continue to be displayed on the classes list. You can also choose to archive a class so that its contents are available for future use. Archived classes do no receive any new assignments even if they are affliated with active courses.

Once you have decided what to do with the classes from last year (delete, rename), then add as many other classes as necessary to finish your teaching schedule. Don't forget that classes which share common assignments should be affiliated with the same course so that you can add, edit, and/or delete assignments by course in addition to editing by individual class.

If I delete a course, do I also delete its assignment types and class resources?

Yes. Assignment types and class resources are course specific. Whether you delete a course or create a new one, assignment types and class resources will have to be redone. However, if you rename a course, delete any existing classes, and create new classes, your assignment types and class resources will remain in tact.

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How can I change my display name on ActiveClassroom?

In your original registration you submitted your display name. That information, as well as any other personal contact information that you would like to update, can edited in your Teacher Control Panel under Personal Account Information.

What are Date Ranges?

Date ranges represent important calendar intervals in your courses. For example, some teachers might enter the dates for the four quarters of their school year.  Or if in a trimester school, they might enter the dates for each trimester. Date ranges are used in two places on ActiveClassroom's screens: (1) under Outline to restrict the display of assignments to a particular date range, and (2) under Display Lesson Plans on the Teacher Control Panel

What is a Class Resource?

A class resource is a hyperlink that you always want displayed on any ActiveClassroom page. It is a web-based reference that you always want your students to be able to access easily. You can add as many class resources as you like. In actuality, they are really course resources since every class in the same course has the same class resources.

What is a Class Style?

There are three major ingredients of the Agenda Page that you can modify beyond your assignment type icons. One is your class logo, the second is the homepage for your classes when they click on your logo, and the third is the color/font scheme or stylesheet.

When users click on your class logo on any ActiveClassroom page, the default setting takes them to /class/ .  If you have a personal or school homepage that you would prefer to use, the Class Page URL blank in the Style form allows you to type in your preferred URL. 

Here is a page with a sample collection of class logos that coordinate with ActiveClassroom's default stylesheet.  If you make your own logo (recommended dimensions are 165 x 55 pixels), make sure that it has a web-address so that it can be linked to ActiveClassroom. This is usually done by importing the image into a web on which you have authoring permissions. Once your class logo has a URL, it can be linked to ActiveClassroom.

All of this information can be accessed in the Styles form where you can change any of the three and save your new combination with a special one title. That combination of logo, homepage, and stylesheet color scheme is called a class style.

Where do I go in ActiveClassroom to apply my Style to my class pages?

In your Teacher Control Panel, choose Class Setup. On that screen, you will see a drop down menu labeled Styles.  In that drop down menu you will find the style that you saved on the Style form. You will need to repeat the process for each of your classes.

What is a stylesheet?

A stylesheet is ActiveClassroom's programming method of controlling the display features on its pages. This advanced feature is your means of coordinating your ActiveClassroom display with that of your school's website. Each part of our page has an attribute which can be edited so that the display has the colors and fonts that you want. Currently we are developing an interface to assist you in making these changes. The stylesheet wizard is only recommended for advanced users who are comfortable with html. During your design session, the wizard opens with the default properties of ActiveClassroom's stylesheet. You need to type in a one (1) word name for your new stylesheet. Then you can go down the list and change whatever properties you desire. The diagram at the top of the page is hyperlinked to the location in the form where each property can be edited. Whenever you save your edits, you will be returned to a screen where you can preview your design and then continue making changes until you have it perfected.

When you are satisfied, you will need to copy and paste the Stylesheet URL which looks like: and your sheet's title into the CSS URL blank and title blank on the Styles form in your Teacher Control Panel.

To edit your stylesheet, you will need to go to your Style form and write down two facts: (1) the title or name of your stylesheet, and (2) its ID number. Then, you need to click here to return to the Stylesheet wizard. This special access page will allow you to edit your existing stylesheet after you correctly input your stylesheet's name and ID number. Once again, you will be able to repeatedly edit and preview your combinations. Since you are not changing your stylesheet's name or ID, there is no need to alter any of the information linked on the Style form in your ActiveClassroom Teacher Control Panel.

At a later date, this process will become automated (along with a color picker and font properties library) with your design ID being automatically registered with AC. We will notify you when that programming is in place. Alert: if you create a completely new stylesheet with the stylesheet wizard, then you need remember its title and StyleID in case you want to modify it later.

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When adding assignment types it asks for an icon's URL. Where do I go to get icons?

ActiveClassroom provides some default icons from which you can choose. You can customize your icons by linking to any of the icons in this collection of icons presently being used by other ActiveClassroom accounts. This page also has a link to several free websites for icons. To discover an icon's URL, right click on the icon's image in a browser, highlight the icon's address, and copy it. Then go to ActiveClassroom, open your Teacher control Panel, click on the assignment type for which the icon is going to be used, and paste the link (including the http://) into the URL box.

What is the recommended size for an icon?

The recommended size is less than 40 x 40 pixels. Otherwise, they will distort the calendar. Most of our icons are 32 x 32 pixels.

If I make my own icons, how can I link them?

If you make your own icons, make sure that they have a web-address so that they can be linked to ActiveClassroom. This is usually done by importing them into a web on which you have authoring permissions. Once an icon has a URL, it can be linked to ActiveClassroom.

When are icons displayed on the Calendar?

Icons are displayed on the calendar on the assignment's due date. If you let your mouse hover over an icon displayed on a calendar, you will see the title of the assignment and the date that it was assigned. Clicking on the icon will take you to the Agenda Page of that day. From there, you can find out the student directions and click on any assignment hyperlinks.

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When I make an assignment, there are no assignment types to choose from. What am I doing wrong?

You have not yet selected your course/class.  Remember, assignment types are course specific. Get in the habit of choosing your course/class first, then typing in a title and choosing an assignment type.

When making an assignment, what is the difference between curriculum notes and teacher comments?

Curriculum notes and student directions are displayed in your lesson plans .  They are "public information" about the assignment.  In the teacher comment area, you can keep private information about the assignment; such as, modifications that you might feel need to be made the next time the assignment is used.

If I initially add an assignment by course, and then edit just one class, can I still make changes by course?

Once an assignment is made by course, you can always edit it by course, even if you have edited it in one class only by class.  The course relationship is always maintained. Whatever property of the assignment that you update by course will be passed on to every class to which it was assigned. Changes made by course override those done by class.

If I hyperlink a lesson but I don't want it active until a later time, can I override the link to NO and change it back to YES when I am ready to use the lesson?

ActiveClassroom automatically links assignments that have an assignment URL. All you need to do is change YES to NO and press save. Then, when you are ready to release the hyperlink, return to your Teacher Control Panel and switch it back from NO to YES. The choice is yours.

What do the words (URL) and (plan) mean on the class assignment display in my Teacher Control Panel?

When the word (URL) is displayed next to an assignment's title, that means that you have linked that assignment with a URL. Clicking on (URL) will permit you to preview your link without having to leave your Teacher Control Panel. Clicking on the word (plan) will direct you to a screen where you can print one assignment; as opposed to Display Lesson Plans on the Main Menu which only permits you to print assignments by Date Ranges .

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Explain what content is.

Many teachers do not have access to a website on which to create web-based content. This feature of ActiveClassroom will allow you to put up text-based pages that your students can then view in their web browsers.  Features include the ability to directly paste WORD documents and EXCEL spreadsheets. You can also compose your content directly in the web document editor. To save, your must give it a title.  Once the file is saved, you can then assign it; that is, link it to an assignment. Utilizing this editor to create content pages requires features of IE 5.5; so teachers wishing to incorporate this feature into their assignments, must have IE 5.5 installed. 

In addition to using the web-document editor, teachers can also upload files to ActiveClassroom. Using a simple browse feature you can select a file to save to ActiveClassroom where it can then be assigned as either a Class Resource or viewed as an Assignment.

Do people viewing my content assignments also have to use IE 5.5?

Users viewing the content are not required to have any particular browser.

What are the limitations of the web document editor?

Currently, the web document editor cannot upload images, support special characters, or give you the ability to create or manipulate tables inside the editor.

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If I don't want to add standards to any assignments, will the lesson plan still work?

Yes. The lesson plan display is a formatted page where the following information can be viewed about each assignment: title, assignment type, assigned date, due date, curriculum notes, student directions, and standards. The addition of standards to an assignment is optional. If you choose to not add standards, the remainder of the information will still be displayed.

How do I know if standards have already been associated to an assignment?

When standards have been added to an assignment, you will see a checkmark under standards on your assignment display screen. If you would like to view the standards you have chosen for that assignment, click (print). If you would like to edit the standards that were chosen, click on the assignment's title, check the YES radio box when it asks you if you want to add standards to this assignment, and press Save. That will take you back to the standards screens so that you can add or delete from your existing list. When you are finished editing your standards, click Finished! and you will return to your Assignment display.

Will other national standards be added?

Standards groups will be added based on decisions made by your participating school or district administrator. Whichever standards are made available to you will be displayed on your Lesson Plans when you add them to an assignment.

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What new features are currently being developed for ActiveClassroom?

We are looking forward to working with our users as ActiveClassroom 3.0 continues to be developed. Beyond those items already mentioned in the above FAQ answers, we are developing additional features for each access level of ActiveClassroom's Enterprise Edition: teacher, student, and administration. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us at .

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