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Many teachers have made efforts to put their courses on-line, and have had some success, but find some of the technical details to be too overwhelming. Giving students ready access to class materials and information in an organized fashion is of utmost importance in the management of any class.

ActiveClassroom allows teachers to develop a web-based class to suit their needs. Whether it is a distance-learning application or just a traditional class wanting to harness the power of the Internet, ActiveClassroom can help you to leave the chalkboard behind. If you would like to explore ActiveClassroom's features, you may use our SignUp Wizard to create a temporary 30-day trial account.

The truth is, ActiveClassroom allows teachers to do what they do best: teach and develop class content. ActiveClassroom handles all of your site's daily organization. ActiveClassroom's flexible management system allows teachers to tailor each course's curriculum design - from assigned dates, to due dates, to web-based classroom resources. Features include a daily class agenda, a searchable outline, a course calendar, class resource links as well as online lesson planning and a web document editor. Teachers even have the option of stylizing the colors of their classroom web pages.

For returning users, we have recently implemented several upgrades, which will enable ActiveClassroom to better serve you! To preview these changes, visit our new tour. Many of your initial questions may be answered on our Frequently Asked Questions fact sheet. If you still have any unanswered questions, please contact us at lrpingre@volusia.k12.fl.us

One of the upgrades in the Enterprise Edition of ActiveClassroom is the ability to easily write and administer web-based quizzes. These quizzes can be comprised of true or false, multiple choice, short answer or an acummulation of all three. The quizzes the teacher assigns are only available the day that they are due and are a cne-time event for each individual student. Teachers also have the choice of making any quiz timed. Finally, when students finish a quiz, it is automatically graded and reported. The teacher can later display a dynamically generated bar graph for each question that shows what percentage of the quiz takers chose each selection. Knowing the results gives the teacher the option of eliminating any question deemed necessary and ActiveClassroom will instantly re-grade all of the quizzes accordingly.

Another feature is the ability to implement web-based threaded discussion forums for students to converse on a studied topic. Every time a student submits dialogue their name and the time is posted. At anytime, the teacher alone has the capability to control what is displayed so that the conversation stays on the topic.