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ActiveClassroom gives you an organized means of monitoring your child's assignments. It provides you with the ultimate "homework hotline." At a glance you can know for certain what homework assignments are due the next day as well as the due dates for any long or short term projects or tests. You will never again be caught by surprise. Assignments posted to a class' daily Agenda page can be retrieved anywhere web access is available.

If your child is attending a school participating in the Enterprise Edition of ActiveClassroom, then you can publicly access all of the Agenda pages for teachers at their school by accessing the school listing. On this page, all of the ActiveClassroom classes at the school are displayed when you choose the name of your child's school in the drop down menu.

Agenda pages of individual participating teachers can also be accessed through the class listing. On this page you can locate any individual teacher's class by typing in their name and pressing "Find class."

In addition, if your child's school is participating in the Enterprise Edition of ActiveClassroom, your child can logon to their own individual assignment page called Student Control Panel.  On this page, all of your child's daily assignments will be summarized along with links to each class' Agenda page for easy access to further information.