The Enterprise Edition of ActiveClassroom 


While free, 30-day trials accounts are available through our SignUp Wizard, ActiveClassroom is a subscription service made available through C2T2 Educational Systems. The Enterprise Edition of ActiveClassroom presents teachers, administrators, and students with exceptional educational opportunities. If you are interested in more information about our program, please either email us or use our web form to notify us of your interest so that we may contact you.

In this edition, student logons will allow students, after they are registered into their participating ActiveClassroom teacher's classes, to access individualized Agenda Pages where information from all of their ActiveClassroom classes will be summarized. Students will know at a glance all assignments that are pending. A checkoff system will allow them to track when an assignment has been completed.

The Enterprise Edition allows teachers to create their own class rosters so that they can administer web-based quizzes that are then automatically graded. By referencing archived-class information, teachers can easily group assignments into lessons and lessons into units. By assigning standards to critical assignments, teachers can build documented, standards-based units of study that can then be assigned as self-paced instructional units to their classes.

The Enterprise Edition will allow administrators the ability to centrally manage teacher and student accounts as well as tailor school-based features such as date ranges and standards. When a teacher who is affliated with a school subscribing to ActiveClassroom's Enterprise Edition logs on, the school date ranges will already be in place as well as only those standards that the school recommends will be present in the standards box of their lesson plan template. To save the need to print and submit plans on paper, administrators will have screens that allow them to view participating teachers' plans.

Individual schools will also have a searchable, customized display page providing consolidated links to all of the Agenda pages of their participating teachers. This page serves as the "school-to-home" connection.